Sukiya Living Magazine (JOJG) Issue #75

May/June 2010


COVER PHOTO: Yoshiki-en in Nara.

PUBLISHER'S ESSAY: Rethinking Quality in Japan.  The Japanese are re-evaluating what it takes to be a high-quality garden.  Being large, old, and/or famous is no longer the benchmark.

VIEWPOINTS: A New Universal Beauty?  Does the sukiya living environment represent a universal beauty, or is it a culturally-specific art form?  Essays by David DeGroot, David Slawson, Kazuo Mitsuhashi, Tim Gruner, J. Skuba, Timothy J. Hansken, and Tamao Goda.

FENCES & GATES: Hedge Theory, by Asher Browne.  Everything you need to know about the role of hedges, hedge plants, and hedge installation and care.

NATURAL PATTERNS: Do Streams Emerge from Mountain Peaks?  Learn how to shape your streams and waterfalls in convincing fashion.  Don't create water spewing volcanoes.

POND CONSTRUCTION; Watertight Edge Stones.  There's a right way and a wrong way to combine concrete vessels with naturalistic edge stones.

ERGONOMICS: Goldilocks and Tree Size.  In the Japanese garden, what is "big" and what is "small?"  It all depends on your body size.

HORTICULTURE: Green Japanese Maples.  Enjoy the virtues of subtle color and grace.  In Japan, the green species variety reigns supreme.

ADVANCED PRUNING: Japanese Maple Rehabilitation.  This article explains how to fix the "shrub effect" that is caused by inappropriate shearing and other ill-advised forms of maple pruning.

SUKIYA ARCHITECTURE: Suspended Ceilings.  It's all an optical illusion!  Those graceful lightweight ceilings aren't what they look like.

MYTHS: Tanizaki's Misstep, by Tamao Goda.  Tanizaki got it wrong.  Most Japanese people are uncomfortable in dimly-lit rooms.  Tasteful lighting is popular, as is the ubiquitous overhead fluorescent light.

TOOLS, TIPS, & TECHNIQUES: Tree Island Gogan.  Here's a helpful way to practice the gogan technique, and it looks great in your yard, too!

LETTERS, Q&A: Moss is a Lot of Work.  Don't be fooled.  Moss gardens and dry gardens are high-maintenance endeavors.

BOOK REVIEWS: "Ryokan," by Akihiko Seki and Elizabeth Heilman Brooke; "My Life in Japanese Art and Gardens," by Zenko Adachi; "Conifers for Gardens," by Richard L. Bitner.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: The latest news and events that you can attend.

SUKIYA LIVING MARKETPLACE.  Japanese Garden specialists and other professionals.

TRAVEL TO JAPAN: JOJG's Kyoto Walking Tour.  The best way to see Japan's finest gardens.  Join us on this special journey!

BACK COVER: "Iris & Grasshopper," by Hokusai.