Japanese Garden Journal

Affiliate Programs

The Journal of Japanese Gardening is not the only organization that is working to help gaijin learn about the Sukiya Living tradition.  Some of our subscribers and colleagues are also offering lectures and workshops about various subjects.  We support these organizations and the educational opportunities that they provide:


MERRITT COLLEGE PRUNING CLUB   Based in Oakland, California, this group provides hands-on pruning instruction and other Japanese garden related programs.  Their instructors are some of North America's leading experts on aesthetic tree pruning and Japanese garden maintenance.

SAN DIEGO FRIENDSHIP GARDEN   In the past few years, San Diego's Japanese garden has played host to numerous Japanese garden workshops and seminars.  They have become a highly desired location for combination Japanese garden study/vacation programs.  Go enjoy San Diego and learn about Japanese gardening at the same time!

EARL BURNS MILLER JAPANESE GARDEN   This public Japanese garden is located on the campus of California State University Long Beach.  They offer regular classes and workshops on topics such as koi ponds, bonsai, orchids, and black pine pruning.

ROCHESTER ORIENTAL GARDEN SOCIETY   Rochester, New York, is blessed with an abundance of smart people and strong leadership in the fields of Bonsai and Japanese garden.  This group meets monthly for lectures and volunteer workshops.