"I saw your Journal mentioned in Koi USA, and I felt it was the one journal I would fall in love with.  I wasn't disappointed."

Dorothy McCowen, Fremont, CA

  Japanese Garden Journal

Koi For Sale

This 6-page article was titled, "Koi For Sale."  It outlined what kind of facility and services you should expect from a top-notch koi dealer.  The article offered five key points to look for when evaluating koi stores.  The article included a chart displaying the results of JOJG's recent Koi Dealer Rankings (see below)

Koi Dealer Rankings

JOJG polled 16 leading koi experts and asked them the following question: "Who are the most reputable English-speaking koi dealers in the world?"  Joel Burkard and Zak Schmidt (right), of Pan Intercorp in Seattle, placed first out of more than 50 dealers.  Here are the top-10 results:

1. PAN INTERCORP   Kenmore, WA, USA  owner: Joel Burkard

2. EASTERN NISHIKIGOI   Westminster, CA, USA  owner: Ken Tran

3. NISHIKIGOI OF NIIGATA   Midlothian, VA, USA   owner: Ray Able

4. KEIRIN KOI   Allentown, PA, USA   owner: Carl Forss

5. INFILTRATION   Cheshire, United Kingdom   owner: Peter Wadington

6. JAPAN KOI ONLINE   Menifee, CA, USA   owner: Taro Kodama

7. CALIFORNIA KOI FARMS   Fallbrook, CA, USA   owner: Takemi Adachi

8. QUALITY KOI   Penns Grove, NJ, USA   owner: Joseph Zuritsky

9. GENKI NISHIKIGOI   San Jose, CA, USA   owner: Kevin Pham

10. MEC KOI   Meckenheim, Germany   owner: Josef Bertram