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D. Ruch, Southington, Connecticut

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  Sukiya Living Magazine (JOJG)

Sample Articles

JOJG has published a total of more than 900 articles about Japanese Gardens, Japanese Architecture, and Japanese Interior Design.  Posted below are a few sample articles which reflect the kind of material that appears in each issue.  Our main goal is to serve as an educational resource.  We try to offer well-illustrated articles that are brief and focused on information that you can apply in your own home and garden.

List of Sample Articles:

Shoji Door Maintenance (Sep'2006)

Layered Foliage (published in Mar'2007)

Azumaya Seat Layout (Nov'2007)

Nobedan Soil Levels (Nov'2004)

The Bunjin Style - Art of the Gentleman-Scholar (Jan'2009)

The Japanese Tansu Chest (May'2008)

The Japanese Tea Garden (Nov'2006)

Shoin-style Rooms & Architecture (Jul'2009)

Hyogu Artwork (published in Mar'2008)

Japanese House Plans (published in Jul'2006)

How Much do Sukiya Living Spaces Cost?   (Mar'2007)

Pruning Japanese Maples (Nov'2005)

Control of Pond Algae (published in May'2007)

Japanese Carpentry - Eave Joinery Details (Jan'07)

Stream Layout  (published in Sep'2007)

Pruning Wisteria (published in May'2006)

The Humble Gate Myth (published in Mar'2004)

Platform Beds by Craig Klucina (May'2006)

Butterfly Koi (published in Mar'2006)

Japanese Furniture (published in May'2005)

A View From the Japanese Bath (Mar'2005)

Japanese Garden Bridges (Jan'2005)

Sudare Bamboo Blinds (Jul'2005)

Garden Stepping Stones (published in Sep'2004)

What is a Japanese Tea House? (May'2003)

Kotoji-style Japanese Lanterns (Jan'2003)

Nature-inspired Kimono Patterns (May'2003)

Swimming Pool Landscaping (Sep'2002)

Gate Proportions (published in May'2001)

Bamboo Plant Care by Adam Turtle (Jan'2001)

The Japanese Rock Garden by Robert Ketchell (Mar'2001)

Japanese Garden Design (published in Jan'2001)

Building a Kenninji-style Fence (Nov'2000)

Moss Plants by J. Skuba (published in May'1999)

Japanese Garden Bench  (published in Mar'1999)

Architecture - Japanese Roof Design  (Mar'1999)

Japanese Garden Pictures by Jack Jennings (May'1999)

Introduction to Bamboo Plants by Bruce Parkinson (Jul'98)

Japanese Calligraphy (published in Jul'1998)

Rain Chains (published in Mar'1998)

For more information about the broad variety of articles published in the Japanese Garden Journal, please review our Index of Back Issues which lists all of the articles published in the magazine since its inception in January, 1998.