"Can you guess how excited I am to discover your Journal?  Perhaps.  An ikebana friend loaned me a few copies.  It is indeed a treasure!"

Phyllis Gallup, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Japanese Garden Journal

Japanese Tea

The Sukiya Living Environment has a direct connection with the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  This relationship extends far deeper than just the sukiya-style of residential architecture, which is a descendent of the traditional Japanese tea house (see photo).

Japanese gardens, Japanese interior design, and many traditional arts have been greatly influenced by the tea ceremony and what is known as the "tea aesthetic."

It is appropriate (and some might even say Essential) that the Japanese Garden Journal be committed to publishing regular articles related to Green Tea and the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  The tea-related articles that we publish can be roughly broken down into the following categories:


GREEN TEA   The term "green tea" is used to describe a lot of different items.  In Japan, one type of green tea is consumed daily as part of regular meals.  Another type of green tea is used in the traditional tea ceremony.  These articles discuss all aspects of green tea, green tea cultivation, and the benefits of drinking green tea.

JAPANESE TEA CEREMONY   Known as chanoyu in Japanese, the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony is a chance for friends to gather in a harmonious environment and reflect upon the simple joys of friendship and the beauty of nature.

JAPANESE TEA GARDENS   This is a special type of Japanese garden that is used during the traditional tea ceremony.  The tea garden surrounds a teahouse and emphasizes seasonal beauty and a somewhat misty atmosphere.

TEAHOUSES & RELATED STRUCTURES   The traditional Japanese teahouse is a very specific kind of building with well-defined layouts and proportions.  There are also different types of teahouse-like outbuildings that can be found in Japanese gardens. 

TEA ACCESSORIES   All aspects of the Japanese Tea Ceremony are carefully orchestrated.  This attention to detail certainly extends to the items used in a tearoom.  Articles about tea accessories include topics such as Japanese pottery, Japanese tea cups, ikebana, Japanese tea pots, Japanese calligraphy, and even the special containers that hold the green tea used during the Japanese Tea Ceremony.