"The JOJG Kyoto Garden Tour was a highlight of our lives.  We were so privileged to have met and learned from you."

Sam and Janet Morita, California


  Japanese Garden Journal

Garden Tours of Japan

Every year JOJG sponsors at least one garden tour that visits Kyoto and its surrounding regions.  Unlike most garden tours of Japan, JOJG-sponsored trips are led by qualified Japanese garden experts, not regular bus tour guides assigned by a Japan travel agency.  All of our guides speak both English and Japanese.  Each has trained as a gardener in Japan, and each has a broad understanding of Japanese culture and tradition.

JOJG tours focus on what we call the Sukiya Living Environment.  This includes Japanese gardens, Japanese residential architecture, and Japanese interior design.  JOJG tours visit a carefully selected itinerary of Kyoto ryokan, restaurants, and public gardens that are of particular interest to Westerners who wish to study the tradition and perhaps create their own gardens back home.  We specifically avoid most of the tourist hoop-la that dominates Kyoto.  Instead we try to stay on quiet back streets, visiting private homes and gardens.  This is the real Japan that tourists rarely see.

In addition to visiting some of the finest gardens in the world, JOJG hopes to offer a culturally-rich experience to our guests.  A portion of each day is spent visiting the studios of artists and craftsmen.  Tour guests learn about traditional Japanese activities such as ikebana and the tea ceremony.  We explore villages and out-of-the-way hamlets, and we sample authentic Japanese cuisine every day, often at restaurants that have absolutely stunning gardens.

JOJG magazine subscribers expect each issue to come loaded with helpful hands-on information about gardening, carpentry, bamboo, koi, and other related topics.  Our garden tours deliver more of the same, with a pruning demonstration, a visit to one of Kyoto's finest rock and plant nurseries, a visit to an O-hara koi breeder, and a stop at Junji Kagata's awe-inspiring bamboo warehouse.  If you are a hands-on type of gardener, you won't be disappointed.

"We had such a wonderful time in Kyoto with you two.  Please feel free to use me as a reference."  - S.J. Derby, Knrrville, Texas


So please, come join us!  Embark on an intimate journey into the heart of Japanese culture.  Wander through back streets, visit stunning homes and gardens, and enjoy authentic cuisine.  Experience the real Japan that few tourists ever see - its people, traditions, arts, and timeless beauty.  ...all in the company of like-minded friends and professional guides provided by the Journal of Japanese Gardening.  This is the magical experience you've been dreaming about!